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Obese People Taste Fat Differently Than Lean People

maintain weigt

As the obesity epidemic continues to cause concern among weight loss doctors, scientists take a closer look at why some people are more likely to engage in behavior that leads to obesity. A recent study looked at overeating and eating foods that are loaded with fat and calories.


Be Wiser, Eat Wiser with Optifast

Be Wiser, Eat Wiser with OPTIFAST

There are a collection of poor eating habits commonly engaged in that will often lead to weight gain. These habits are generally mindless, meaning they are frequently done without much thought. Constant snacking, serving oversized portions and downing high-calorie beverages instead of water can add several hundred extra calories to your diet every day, and if you aren’t careful these goal-thwarting behaviors can seriously undermine your weight loss progress.


Mdslim – Different Types of Walking for Exercise


We all know how to walk—one foot in front of the other, etc. It’s a simple, relaxing and effective way to exercise. During medical weight loss programs, walking is a great way to stay in shape and continue to work towards your weight loss goals. But following the same walking routine day after day can […]


Could your Kitchen Counter be Making You Fat?


Are you struggling with weight loss even though you’ve already made some big changes to your diet and lifestyle? You exercise more, eat healthy foods and even threw away all the junk food. So if you’re doing everything ‘right,’ why are you still struggling to lose weight? The surprising answer: your kitchen. According to a […]


3 Ways Being Hydrated Helps With Weight Loss

3 Ways Being Hydrated Helps With Weight Loss

Those numbers should be enough to convince someone that hydration is important. Besides the obvious that drinking water helps increase your metabolism and control your appetite,there are other ways water can help when on a weight loss program. Cleanses the body from toxins Water helps remove waste and toxins from cells. It also helps the […]


Three Great Reasons to Add More Protein to Your Weight Loss Programs in New Jersey

Protein to Your Weight Loss Programs

If you’re someone who’s hoping to see optimal fat burning results on whichever of the weight loss programs you’ve selected in New York or New Jersey, you must be remembering to add more protein to your plan. Protein is the most important nutrient for optimal rates of fat burning, so one that you don’t want […]


Finding What Motivates You Most

Preparing for Medical Weight Loss in New Jersey

It can be hard to stay motivated as you are trying to lose weight. After spending an entire day hungry, thinking about creative ways to cook vegetables as you avoid the donuts in the office lounge motivation often seems to disappear. One reason that you may have trouble staying motivated to lose weight is because […]