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3 Ways Being Hydrated Helps With Weight Loss

3 Ways Being Hydrated Helps With Weight LossThose numbers should be enough to convince someone that hydration is important.

Besides the obvious that drinking water helps increase your metabolism and control your appetite,there are other ways water can help when on a weight loss program.

Cleanses the body from toxins

Water helps remove waste and toxins from cells. It also helps the kidneys function to their maximum capacity. When your body is not overburdened with toxins, it’s free to do what it’s meant to do – utilize nutrients.

Helps muscles and joints function better

Even a physician supervised weight loss program will require you to exercise at some point.The best way to help your muscles help you is to keep them hydrated. Water transports oxygen to your muscles. This is necessary so you build muscles and burn more calories.

Water also lubricates and cushions the joints. This allows them to remain strong and flexible.

Promotes cardiovascular health

Water helps keep blood pressure in the healthy range. When properly hydrated, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood.And when the heart is functioning properly, a simple thing as walking up a flight of stairs doesn’t feel intense.

So how do you know when you’re hydrated? The best test is the Urine Color Test. If your urine is bright yellow, you’re dehydrated. If your urine is a pale yellow, you’re almost hydrated. If your urine is clear, congratulations. You are a healthy hydrated person.

Water is important for healthy body. There’s no way around it. If you’ve been prescribed weight loss pills by the physician who’s supervising your weight loss program, be sure to take them with water.

If you don’t like water, or get bored of plain water, there are options. One of those is adding lemon or lime to water. Another option is toput your favorite fruits in a pitcher, fill it with water and let it sit overnight. You’ll end up with naturally fruit flavored water.

3 Ways Being Hydrated Helps With Weight Loss
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3 Ways Being Hydrated Helps With Weight Loss
According to the European Hydration Institute, the muscles and the brain are about 75% water, the blood and kidneys are about 81%, the liver is about 71%, and the bones are about 22%.