Patient Success Stories *

Michelle: 84 Pounds Lost *

Hi, I am Michelle. I joined the Institute for Weight Management on March 2010. I have lost 84 lbs. since then. I am so happy with my progress and intend to continue the program. My lifestyle has changed completely since I started. I stick to my diet and have been walking every day! I come for weekly weigh ins and enjoy my visit with the doctor and find it very helpful to talk with her and the staff.


Meghan: 75 Pounds Lost *

Meghan: 75 Pounds Lost

I chose to start the OPTIFAST “diet” on Dec. 4, 2011 after celebrating my 30th birthday and realizing I was at the heaviest I have ever been. I can honestly say this was the best decision I have ever made. The first two weeks were difficult but I found maintaining a schedule of my meals (I only ate the meal/ snack bars and the shakes) and exercise helped a great deal in keeping me motivated. Now, 9 months later, I have lost 75.5 pounds and have never felt better!


Richard: 100 Pounds Lost *

Richard 100 Pounds Lost

Richard came to see us in May of 2012 when he was referred by his primary care doctor for weight management. At that point he suffered from excruciating knee and back pain (having undergone 12 back surgeries) and was walking with a cane. He could hardly move around without being in a lot of pain. He was started on a partial Optifast diet which he followed very well.


Angela: 25 Pounds Lost *

Angela: 25 Pounds Lost

I started coming to see Dr. Chhabra in July. I weighed close to 185 lbs. and was very uncomfortable with myself. I started losing weight almost immediately. I eat regular food and just follow Dr. Chhabra’s meal plan and advice. 3 months later, I have lost 25 lbs. I feel great and I know I […]


Biagio and Gloria: 60 Pounds Lost *

Biagios: 60 Pounds Lost

I was referred to Dr. Chhabra’s office by my lung doctor as I was recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. My lung doctor told me that if I lost some weight, I could get “rid” of the sleep apnea and I may not need to use my CPAP machine at night. I had tried numerous options on my own but none really worked. I began the Optifast diet in February and I started seeing results almost immediately. I lost 3-5 pounds almost every week!! After 3 weeks, My wife Gloria also joined the program. That helped a lot because now we were both doing it together. Both of us have lost over 60 pounds(total) and we are still losing!!


Karen: 30 Pounds Lost *

Karen: 30 Pounds Lost

Hi, my name is Karen. I am currently using the Optifast weight loss system and I am proud to tell you that I have lost 30 pounds already! I started using the shakes and bars exclusively and lost 8 pounds the first week! I know – it’s so exciting, isn’t it??!! The weight came off pretty consistently although not at the same rate. By the New Year, I had lost about 25 pounds. It wasn’t easy, nor was it impossible.


Peggy: 25 Pounds Lost *

Peggy: 25 Pounds Lost

The before picture is me in March 2010. I weighed 25 pounds more back then. I had bursitis – hip pain just walking up the stairs or going for a stroll – and ended up in physical therapy. That’s when I began seeing Dr. Chhabra. She started changing my eating habits, one habit at a time, and pretty soon I was making life-style changes as well. I began with weekly water exercises at the Y and soon I was swimming and walking every day.


Amy’s Success Story *

Amy’s Success Story

A while back I had a terrible case of Plantar Fasciitis that ended up requiring surgery making every step I took extremely painful. I gained a great deal of weight – the heaviest I have ever been. Then earlier this year I was diagnosed with an Auto Immune Disease and decided that to live the longest, healthiest life possible I needed to lose weight.


Jane: 90 Pounds Lost *

Jane: 90 Pounds Lost

Hello, my name is Jane. This year, January 5th was truly the beginning of a “Happy New Year”. It is now October 5th, and I am sitting in Dr. Chhabra’s office but without my cane and without clothing purchased in a big and tall men’s shop! You can relax though-I am wearing some clothes-the ones I stored in my Guest room closet several years ago.


Mark: 170 Pounds Lost *

Mark Weight Loss Success

When I first came to the Institute for Weight Management (IWM) I was 389 lbs., Dr. Chhabra, it’s founder and presiding Doctor, once told me that people generally loose weight when they know they are ready to do so. In my case that absolutely applies.

*The success stories depicted in this section are representative of these individuals only. Individual results may vary.