Patient Success Stories *

John: 90 Pounds Lost *

John 90 lb Weight Loss Success

I began coming two years ago and was skeptical at first that I could live eating so few calories. Now, after two years of following the programs and advice of Dr. Chhabra, I have lost 90 pounds and totally changed my life around.


Luisanna: 50 lbs Lost *

Luisanna Weight Loss Success

My name is Luisanna . I started the program of table food with 283 pounds. This program with the guidance of Dr. Anjana Chhabra has taught me how to control the amount of calories I consume, namely balancing the proportion of carbohydrates and proteins I eat each day and different foods to help accelerate my weight loss.


Max: 78 Pounds Lost *

Max Weight Loss Success

Max was referred by his Pulmonologist because he had sleep apnea-he would stop breathing in his sleep. He would feel sleepy during the day. He weighed 290 pounds. Within 2 weeks he had lost more than 10 lbs and was feeling much better and his sleep apnea has resolved. After 7 months, he weighs 212 lbs and feels great.


Mike: 70 Pounds Lost *

Mike Weight Loss Success

I first came to the Institute for Weight Management under duress. I practically had to be dragged in by several members of my family. In fact, it took quite a few cancelled initial appointments before I finally got up the courage to face the truth about my weight. I must admit though even after the first appointment I was not convinced, this is what I needed to do.


Jane: 33+ Pounds Lost *

Jane Weight Loss Success

I had not put this weight on overnight and had to take it off gradually in a healthy fashion. I tried over the counter items without success. After repeated failures, and feeling that this was my last and only chance, I decided to go to a weight specialist.


Harvey: 100+ Pounds Lost *

Harvey Weight Loss Success

When I came to Doctor Chhabra’s office in September of 2005, I had several medical and lifestyle issues. I had hypertension and sleep apnea for many years. The combination of my weight and my arthritic knees made it difficult to walk without getting out of breath and stairs were even more difficult and painstakingly slow. I was always tired and uncomfortable.


Frances: 56 Pounds Lost *

Frances Weight Loss Success

Over the years I have lost a lot of pounds, but eventually gained them all back. When I started the Optifast program I realized that while I had been changing my body, I had not been changing the most important thing for weight control – my mind.


Julie: 35 Pounds Lost *

Julie Weight Loss Success

I really wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement. Being a heavy person for your entire life can not only be harmful for you health, but it can be horrible for living in today’s society. People are mean and you are CONSTANTLY judged by appearance. I can’t tell you the number of times people have said to me, “you have such a pretty face….it is such a shame”.


Kay Ann: 50 Pounds Lost *

Kay Ann Weight Loss Success

Thanks to Dr. Chhabra and her staff, my journey has been full of good experiences and positive feedback. After trying every weight loss program out there, I have finally found what works for me. I have also come to realize that weight loss involves not only what goes into your mouth, but also what goes into your head! That is why I feel it is so important to attend the weekly nutrition counseling sessions with Liza.

*The success stories depicted in this section are representative of these individuals only. Individual results may vary.