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Biagio and Gloria: 60 Pounds Lost *

Biagios: 60 Pounds Lost
Gloria: Weight Loss Success

I was referred to Dr. Chhabra’s office by my lung doctor as I was recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. My lung doctor told me that if I lost some weight, I could get “rid” of the sleep apnea and I may not need to use my CPAP machine at night. I had tried numerous options on my own but none really worked.

I began the Optifast diet in February and I started seeing results almost immediately. I lost 3-5 pounds almost every week!! After 3 weeks, My wife Gloria also joined the program. That helped a lot because now we were both doing it together. Both of us have lost over 60 pounds(total) and we are still losing!!

And the best news of all…my lung doctor will be repeating my sleep test in two weeks to see if I still need to use CPAP!!

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