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Rachel: Weight Loss Success *

Rachel Weight Loss Success

Through the years, I’ve always struggled with my weight. There was a point in my life that I thought that having a few extra pounds was “normal.” I have always been a picky eater and not too much of a big eater during dinner or lunch so I thought I was fine.

This was until two and a half years ago when I was at my lowest point. The stresses on my personal life and at work made me gain 35 pounds in only one mere month. It was awful. My clothes wouldn’t fit (not even my fat clothing reserve). I tried all the diets on the market–and when I say all the diets, I mean all. In most cases I would lose 10 pounds and then gain 15.

I don’t like to exercise, but I even tried that for a while until I gave up. Eventually the health problems started. I ignored them as much as I could, but how much can you ignore the amount of time that it takes you to get from your car to your office? Every day was a struggle. Going up and down the stairs? Thanks, but no thanks. What about going to a bar with friends and stand for an hour? Unthinkable.

These minor daily life situations made me search for a solution. I’ve always been good with research so I took my time. It took me 3 months until my mind and heart agreed that it was time to change my lifestyle. In order for you to start something as big as this, your mind and heart needs to be in sync. During that research time I found the OPTIFAST 800 treatment several times. But I was hesitant to start a treatment like that. I wasn’t sure that I could spend the days without eating regular foods. I mean, who does that? Guess what? I did.

One day I picked up the phone, made the appointment and started the treatment. I’m not going to lie; the beginning was not easy, like any other beginning. The first two weeks I didn’t lose anything! I felt discouraged and cheated by my internet search. But Dr. Chhabra asked for one more week. One more week just to see what happens. I’ve always been thankful for that week. The following week I started losing pounds and haven’t stopped since. Even during the weeks that I only lost ½ a pound I feel happy. For the last 5 months, my life has changed 180 degrees.

The OPTIFAST shakes are now part of my life, and once I complete the treatment I’m pretty sure that I will miss them. The best part is the decisions that I make while out for dinner. It’s a way of thinking. I can eat cake but how long is it going to take me get rid of those calories? Is it really worth it? And the best question, are there any healthier alternatives? These are my 3 key questions. Every time, anytime, everywhere. And just so everyone knows, there’s always a healthier alternative. Always.

I’m living my life 100% now and enjoying every minute. I always will thank Dr. Chhabra and the girls at the office for helping me feel like myself again. Besides the shakes, it is the words of encouragement that I hear every week that keep me going. And like Dr. Chhabra says, “If your car doesn’t work, where do you take it? To the mechanic. If something in you doesn’t work, where you take it? To the doctor.”

The decision is always ours. The OPTIFAST 800 works, believe me. I’m a living proof that it does.

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