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Peggy: 25 Pounds Lost *

Peggy: 25 Pounds Lost
The before picture is me in March 2010. I weighed 25 pounds more back then. I had bursitis – hip pain just walking up the stairs or going for a stroll – and ended up in physical therapy. That’s when I began seeing Dr. Chhabra. She started changing my eating habits, one habit at a time, and pretty soon I was making life-style changes as well. I began with weekly water exercises at the Y and soon I was swimming and walking every day. My blood pressure and cholesterol level came down and I got positive results on a cardiac treadmill test and heart function study. And I lost 25 pounds. There are sometimes slip-ups. That’s natural, but the idea is not to give up. Dr. Chhabra’s supportive encouragement always brought me back on track.

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