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Karen: 30 Pounds Lost *

Karen: 30 Pounds Lost
Hi, my name is Karen. I am currently using the Optifast weight loss system and I am proud to tell you that I have lost 30 pounds already! I started using the shakes and bars exclusively and lost 8 pounds the first week! I know — it’s so exciting, isn’t it??!! The weight came off pretty consistently although not at the same rate. By the New Year, I had lost about 25 pounds. It wasn’t easy, nor was it impossible. I was able to maintain the weight (not gaining) and I tasted all of my favorite holiday treats. The secret is to be satisfied with small amounts-just enough to taste, but not to give in and eat the whole dish. I started using the gym in the spring and I can truly say that I enjoy it. I developed exertional asthma 4 years ago and could not climb stairs or even walk. Even food shopping was a chore. Diet and exercise have seriously changed my life!! I no longer feel restricted in my Physical activity. 30 pounds is a great start and I would like to lose another 20!

I have been combining the Optifast shakes and bars with a standard food diet. I have learned to like foods that I would have not normally eaten-hummus with raw vegetables, salads and fish. Once you get past your old ways of eating and when you are exercising and changing your attitudes about your old ways, the weight will come off.

Meeting with Dr. Chhabra weekly really does help me stay on the plan. I am not in a room with lots of people. Rather, every week she checks my blood pressure, blood tests are done periodically and my BMI is calculated. This wonderful doctor is my most positive supporter! She addresses medical problems as soon as she sees them. She gives me ideas for healthy snacks and provides me with magazine and newspaper articles. She also has a nutritionist come in for a workshop, especially during the difficult holidays. I think her personal approach to each patient is what makes this system work!!

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