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Jane: 90 Pounds Lost *

Jane: 90 Pounds Lost

Hello, my name is Jane. This year, January 5th was truly the beginning of a “Happy New Year”. It is now October 5th, and I am sitting in Dr. Chhabra’s office but without my cane and without clothing purchased in a big and tall men’s shop! You can relax though-I am wearing some clothes-the ones I stored in my Guest room closet several years ago.

It is wonderful to look forward to going for a walk every evening (without the cane) and my afternoon exercises are also getting easier every day.

Thank you Dr. Chhabra for the encouragement and guidance that you gave to me and continue to give me, every visit!!!

Dr. Chhabra’s statement:
When Jane first came to our office in January, she was walking with a cane and got winded just walking from the parking lot to our office. She also suffers from Diabetes, Insulin requiring and was injecting over 100 units of insulin every day. She was also on 12 other prescription medications.

10 months later, Jane has lost over 90 lbs!!! She has more energy than she has ever had before! She walks every day and does weight training with a DVD every afternoon! She has discontinued 5 of her prescriptions and uses less than half of her original dose of insulin!!

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