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Jane: 33+ Pounds Lost *

Jane Weight Loss Success

Around April 27, 2006, I decided desperately to do something wonderful for my health by setting a goal to drop several pounds of excess weight. I knew that I could do it and knew it would take some time, but I was determined to achieve my goal.

I had not put this weight on overnight and had to take it off gradually in a healthy fashion. I tried over the counter items without success. After repeated failures, and feeling that this was my last and only chance, I decided to go to a weight specialist.

As we age health problems that we had never thought about can occur at any time. Carrying excess weight makes the chances of these problems occurring more likely.

Now, after losing 33 pounds, I know that I am not only reducing my risk of future weight related health issues, but I am also looking and feeling much better. I have more weight to lose and I know that with the help of Dr. Chhabra and the Institute for Weight Management, I will be successful.

I recommend Dr. Anjana Chhabra and her team to anyone who wants to shed excess weight. I’m sure you will be put on the right track for a healthy you for the years to come.

Good luck to all!

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