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Harvey: 100+ Pounds Lost *

Harvey Weight Loss Success

When I came to Doctor Chhabra’s office in September of 2005, I had several medical and lifestyle issues. I had hypertension and sleep apnea for many years. The combination of my weight and my arthritic knees made it difficult to walk without getting out of breath and stairs were even more difficult and painstakingly slow. I was always tired and uncomfortable.

After six months I have lost more than 100 pounds (and still counting). My blood pressure is virtually normal and I will soon be off medication. The sleep apnea is gone. The weight loss has essentially eliminated the effects of the arthritis on walking, running and managing stairs, while the other effects (not exacerbated by excess weight) still continue.

I feel great. I now go to the gym regularly. I’m very energetic and preparing for transition and the return to eating with great optimism and a feeling of self-confidence and accomplishment.

A significant part of the program’s success is Doctor Chhabra’s willingness to allow some flexibility in the program to accommodate individual patient preferences.

*The success stories depicted in this section are representative of these individuals only. Individual results may vary.