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Optifast Weight Loss – The First Few Weeks

OPTIFAST The First Few WeeksThere is a lot to look forward to during the early days of the optifast program. There is the opportunity to develop positive habits that can help you keep your weight off long term, and following the meal replacement diet will encourage weight loss at a faster rate than you are likely to accomplish on your own.

At the start of your Optifast weight loss program, do your best to stay positive. Don’t think about how long you’ve signed up to be on the program. Instead, do your best to take things one day at a time and focus on adjusting to the changes you’ve introduced in your life.

Here are a few tips to help you get started with the Optifast program:

  • Keep your Optifast products with you so that you are able to eat when you grow hungry
  • Plan ahead to set yourself up for success
  • Ask your family members to help you as needed, like by preparing their own meals as you grow accustomed to your meal replacements
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Start a weight loss journal to log any stresses or thoughts you have throughout the day

Healthy Habits with Optifast

It takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit. After three weeks of engaging in a certain behavior you may find the habit starts to feel more natural and easier to go along with. But getting through those first three weeks is sometimes challenging.

The optifast meal replacements may be a temporary part of your life, but the habits you develop while following the Optifast program don’t have to be.

This includes habits like:

  • Eating smaller portion sizes
  • Eating meals at regular intervals throughout the day
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Consuming a nutritionally balanced diet

These are all healthy habits that can help you maintain your weight loss long-term. After just three weeks of being on the Optifast program, habits like these may feel more natural. You might find yourself growing hungry at certain times of the day or naturally drinking water more often than you did before. Do your best to keep these habits up, even after your Optifast program comes to an end.

It only takes three weeks to learn a new habit, but breaking a habit takes just a fraction of that time. As you grow adjusted to the Optifast weight loss program, focus on developing positive habits like these and less on the duration of your program.