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Mdslim – Fitness & Gardening

The First Steps with OPTIFASTIt can be hard to squeeze enough physical activity into your busy day. Sometimes, one of the best methods can be to incorporate exercise into other activities you enjoy. Starting a garden can give you peaceful downtime from daily stress while giving you a good aerobic workout. This is the perfect time to start a late summer vegetable garden here in New Jersey. Try our gardening workout tips below to get moving, eat healthier and lose weight.

If you have never gardened before, start small. Even a 4 foot square plot can give you a good workout while providing a nice amount of vegetables to bring variety to your summer table.

When you go out to garden, briefly warm up by doing some light work, such as slowly raking or pulling a few weeds. After you are warmed up, take a few minutes to stretch. Stretching is important because it helps avoid injury.

Move on to heavier work after stretching. Rake vigorously, switching hands every 15 strokes. Cultivating the soil is another way to get your heart rate going. Getting a good aerobic workout helps kick your body into gear to burn belly fat.

Change activities every 15 minutes. This way, you can work different muscle groups. Don’t overdo it in any one activity.

Try to aim for about an hour in the garden each day. It is easy to burn 500 calories in an hour when you are out in the garden.

And, don’t forget to get the kids involved. By getting your children involved in the production of the food that goes on the table, you can help them establish healthy eating habits that can last for life.