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Vitamin D Linked with Weight Loss Success

orange-188082_640 According to the results of a recent study, sufficient levels of vitamin D may be linked to successful weight loss in New Jersey. Researchers discovered this link after conducting a study involving 38 men and women for an 11 week period. Those who had a higher level of vitamin D at the onset of the diet program were more successful with their weight loss efforts overall.

More specifically, researchers found that higher baseline levels of vitamin D predicted a greater loss of abdominal fat, which is an area of fat build up that many people struggle to get rid of. Researchers are unsure if the vitamin D deficiency may be causing obesity or if excess weight may prompt a decrease in vitamin D levels. However, if you are trying to lose weight through a medical weight loss program, these findings do indicate that it may be worth the effort to ensure that you do have proper levels of vitamin D, as well as all other essential nutrients.

One reason that sufficient vitamin D levels may be linked to weight loss is the way that the body is able to gain vitamin D—sunshine. The body is able to process vitamin D while being outside as it absorbs rays. Individuals who spend more time outdoors in the sun are often taking part in activity, which enhances weight loss efforts. Those who are deficient in vitamin D may be less inclined to spend time outside in the sun, and may be less likely to participate in physical activity at all.

While more research will need to be completed in order to be conclusive, this study does indicate that it may be worth speaking to your physician about adding vitamin D supplements to your diet.