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Simple Ways to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

Get Motivated to Lose Weight Motivation is an internal drive of enthusiasm and interest that encourages a person to accomplish something. It is defined as a social, cognitive, biological or emotional force that instigates and directs a behavior in a certain direction. Motivation is what drives you to succeed, to accomplish the goals set in front of you and to triumph over any obstacle you face.

During your Optifast weight loss program in New Jersey you’ll have to find your own internal and external sources of motivation that will drive you to reach your goals.

Getting Motivated to Lose Weight

Wanting something and working towards it are two different things, and so motivation is more than just a desire to do something. A strong desire can help spawn motivation, but to keep your motivation levels high you’ll also need regular encouragement and support.

To find motivation to lose weight, it helps to first evaluate your personal desires and expectations, and to assess where increased motivation may help you succeed. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this relevant? How will losing weight impact my life?
  2. Is there a risk? What risks am I exposing myself to if I do not make a change and lose weight?
  3. What is the reward? In what ways will losing weight benefit my life?
  4. Are there roadblocks? What obstacles do I expect to encounter as I try to lose weight?
  5. Can I remove them? How can I overcome those obstacles so I can continue on my weight loss journey?

Relevance, risk, reward, roadblocks and removal are dubbed the five R’s of weight loss motivation. As you ask yourself these questions, give yourself time to ponder the answers and how they affect your life and weight loss expectations.

Finding your Motivation

The OPTIFAST weight loss plan is a motivating tool for many people, as the meal replacements and medical weight loss guidance provide support and encouragement that lead to weight loss success. While losing weight on your own might have proved challenging in the past, OPTIFAST is a chance at a fresh start.

This might be all of the motivation you need at first, but as time wears on it helps to have a few additional sources of motivation ready at your disposal, such as:

  • Motivational quotes
  • An encouraging support network
  • Friendly competition with a friend, co-worker or loved one
  • Reminders about the impact losing weight will have on your health and family life

Consider what personal factors have the most impact in your life, and try compiling a collection of motivational sources that you can turn to when you need it most.