Medical Weight Loss Programs

The medical weight loss programs at the Institute for Weight Management in Hackensack, New Jersey are  custom designed to meet the exact weight and health goals of each individual. Because all of our patients are monitored by our physician, Anjana Chhabra MD., we are able to provide successful weight loss solutions for you no matter how much you wish to lose.

Dr. Chhabra is a specialist in the field of bariatric (weight loss) medicine and is an expert in designing weight loss programs that will work for you even if you have multiple existing medical conditions or you have been unsuccessful with other programs in the past.

Our diet-based weight loss options include Controlled Calorie Table Food or meal replacement using OPTIFAST®. We also offer Lifestyle Modification programs, a Maintenance program to help you with long-term success and a Bariatric Surgical program for referrals and support. In addition, we are the only medical weight loss center that is approved by the  Microsoft Corporation for weight management in the area, happily assisting both employees and their families in their dietary and nutritional needs.

Here are Your Steps to Success

Step One: Free Consultation

Take our offer of a free, no obligation consultation with an experienced weight management professional to discuss our program in detail. During your free consultation we will discuss treatment options, program costs, payment and insurance reimbursement options. The Institute for Weight Management is an in-network provider with both United Health Care, Horizon PPO and Qualcare, making it easier for us to serve you! We are also the only Microsoft Corporation approved weight management center in the area (for their employees and families).  While we are still considered out of network for other insurance companies, we will happily work with your provider to help you get reimbursed for medical weight loss services.

Step Two: Initial Evaluation

At your initial evaluation you will receive a medical examination, diagnostic tests including EKG and body composition analysis, assessment of your lifestyle, and evaluation of your weight loss goals to determine the best weight loss plan for your needs. Complete the health assessment form and bring it with you for the initial evaluation to save you time.

Step Three: Active Weight Loss

This phase of the program typically lasts 12 -14 weeks during which you will visit the clinic weekly, attend lifestyle education classes receive periodic medical monitoring and meet with our healthcare team for personalized support and care.

Step Four: Maintaining Success

If you are on OPTIFAST®, a gradual 6 week transition to self prepared foods and personalized meal plans will allow you to practice your new weight management skills in a supportive setting.