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Mdslim – Optifast Weight Loss New Jersey

Walking with OPTIFAST in New Jersey After several weeks following the Optifast weight loss program, the transition period begins. The transition phase is designed to slowly reintroduce traditional foods to your diet so that you can explore healthy ways of eating while still using the Optifast products to help you maintain control over what you eat.

Some people find the transition period exciting. During this stage you’ll begin branching out your diet and will have the opportunity to try healthy foods. However, this can also be a period plagued by questions, and sometimes anxiety.

Tips for a Successful Transition

For many people, the transition period is when lessons from the active phase of the Optifast weight loss program new jersey start to settle in. The Optifast program can teach you some fundamental skills, like how to understand your hunger cues, how to eat smaller portions and how drinking plenty of water can help you stay full between meals.

During the transition period you’ll start consuming more calories than you did during the Optifast program. Add calories to your diet gradually to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort. Eating too much, too quickly after several weeks of having Optifast products could cause your stomach to be upset, and can potentially lead to weight regain.

Here are several tips for a healthy transition to whole foods:

  • Keep a journal: Now that you are eating traditional foods again, a journal can help you keep track of what and how much you are eating.
  • Stick to a schedule: If you found eating your Optifast diet meals at certain times of the day was useful in staying full, then keep that schedule going.
  • Eat small portions: During the Optifast diet program you may have grown used to eating small meals five times a day. If this worked for you, keep that going as well.
  • Plan ahead: Prepare small meals that you can eat when you are hungry, just as you did with your Optifast diet products.
  • Limit your choices: If looking at menus or walking through the food store was difficult during your Optifast program, then it may be difficult still. Try avoiding situations where you will be overwhelmed by the temptation to overeat.

As your weight loss physician, Dr. Chhabra is here to guide you through the transition period with minimal stress. During this phase, and onward as you maintain your weight loss, you can always turn back to your Optifast products to help you stay grounded with a healthy diet.