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Charity Calls: Get Active for a Cause

Charity Calls Get Active for a CauseWhat motivates you to exercise? Increasing your physical activity level offers a collection of health benefits. It improves heart health, enhances blood circulation and can even offer some improvements to mental health, helping to prevent depression and manage stress. Being active is part of a healthy strategy for long-term weight management, and is encouraged after any medical weight loss program.

Knowing all of this doesn’t always make it easier to actually find time to work out. There is a lot going on in the world. Between work and family obligations, household tasks and the need to sleep you may not always feel like you have a chance to get outside and dedicate 30 minutes to yourself in the name of physical fitness.

What if those 30 minutes were going to charity?

Charity Miles is an app available for iPhones and Android devices. The application is sponsored by businesses who want to contribute to charity, but who are also interested in encouraging the average person to become a bit healthier and more active.

The way the app works is simple. You sign up for free, and then you let the app know when you are heading out for a workout. Charity Miles tracks how many miles you walk, bike or run, and then saves that information to its database. Sponsors match your miles with real cash.

One of the best aspects of the app is that you actually have a say in what charity receives your mileage donation. The app teams up with charities on a rotating basis, giving you at least a half dozen to choose from at any time. The charities who work in collaboration with this program encompass a wide variety of concerns, including everything from educational resources for under-privileged children to research initiatives for health concerns like cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Other charities support veterans, wildlife and the environment.

You pick the charity you would like to contribute to, and every mile you walk helps them earn a little cash.

Taking the time to work out is a gift you can give yourself, but that isn’t always enough of a motivational factor for some. By teaming up with an app like Charity Miles, you can give your workout more meaning, and maybe that will encourage you to become a bit more active!