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Stay Focused – Medical Weight Loss in New Jersey

Stay Positive for Medical Weight Loss by Letting the Anger GoWhen the going gets rough, it might be time to blow off some steam so you can stay focused on your program for medical weight loss in New Jersey!

Think about the last time you stubbed your toe. If you are like most people, then your reaction was to let out a sharp yell, possibly with a few choice words that you try not to shout too loudly in certain company. It is hard to say why we feel the need to exclaim when we stub our toe. It isn’t as if yelling actually relieves some of the pain and frustration we feel in negative situations—or does it?

According to one body of research shouting or swearing when you are frustrated can alleviate pain and release stress. This research didn’t just look at cursing, but instead evaluated the silver lining of some of our worst habits. Consider it Newton’s Law of poor manners—for every negative or bad habit we have, there is an equal but opposite positive response for doing that action!

Coping with Frustrations

Hopefully the fact that your medical weight loss program is going to be stress inducing isn’t too much of a shock for you. In order to make it through in one healthier piece, it is wise that you learn effective stress management and coping mechanisms.

We all have habits that we think are bad for us, but the fact is that we keep these habits because they help us feel better. Turning to food in times of emotional distress has a negative effect on your waistline, but other habits can offer reprieve without as much of a negative side effect.

By no means should you throw a temper-tantrum, but using a few childish tactics might help you alleviate some stress:

  • Shout: Don’t necessarily yell at the person next to you, but instead take a step outside and give the sky a good shout. Express to the universe how much you don’t appreciate everything going the wrong way. Letting those emotions out can release a lot of stress and help you manage through the rest of your day with a bit more peace.
  • Cry: Crying is a natural way of alleviating stress and tension. Everyone cries, and the longer you hold it in the more you will need to let it out. Lock yourself in the bathroom or go outside for a walk and let the tears come down. You’ll likely feel much better once they pass.
  • Stomp: Physically exerting a bit of energy can help alleviate stress, so jumping up and down a few times might help you breathe easier and think more clearly. Putting your feet firmly on the ground is recommended as a way to ease anxiety and feel more control. Put these two beneficial acts together and give the ground a good stomping to release some tension and regain your composure.

Simply accepting that it is useful to shout or be angry can propel you towards weight loss success. Locking all of your emotions inside of you or denying that you are stressed or frustrated will only backfire on you in the end. To be successful you need to be honest with yourself.