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Interested in Losing Weight??

What Leads to Weight Loss SuccessThe Optifast weight loss program is inherently different from other weight loss programs. To start, it isn’t set up around unrealistic expectations. When you start an OPTIFAST program, you know what you are walking into. There is research and the program is science-based, which can help you create realistic expectations that will help you move forward on your path to ultimate wellness.

The Optifast program is designed to put your health first. The meal replacements are nutritionally complete, which means that you won’t face any risk of nutrient deficiency as long as you stick with the guidelines of your weight loss program.

However, at the end of the day the Optifast products are the tool—and you are the carpenter. It is up to you to use the tools you are provided and to make the most of it.

Reaching Success

So then, what does it take to actually reach your weight loss goal? Researchers have looked long and hard into what makes a good weight loss program successful. During your Optifast program, the following strategies can help you as you work towards your goals:

Be driven by something from within.

The source of your motivation says a lot about how successful you’ll be with your weight loss program. Having an external goal—like wanting to look a certain way for a special date—is fine, but couple that with something deeper that comes from within. Think about your health, your family or even your mood, and how these things will be affected by your weight loss success.

Make the choice to be active, every day.

You’ve likely been told time and time again that exercise is a core aspect of any weight loss program, but truly reaching a healthy state of being requires more than a few minutes of planned activity. Try becoming more active in everything you do. Take walks with your family, your friends, your thoughts and your dog. Join a sports league or make a practice of using exercise to relieve stress in the middle of the day at work.

Welcome change with open arms.

Change is challenging, and a lot of people have difficulty coping with it. Instead of pushing back and being scared of change, welcome it into your life. Healthy changes are positive, and will have a ripple effect through much of your lifestyle. Holding onto past habits and unhealthy behaviors can prevent you from reaching your ultimate goals.

So much of what defines a successful weight loss program is within you. As you get started with your weight loss program, think about why you want to lose weight and what changes you can make in your life to embrace a healthier way of being. You have the power to reach your goals—the Optifast program can help you get there.