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Consulting a Physician Before Exercise

Walking with OPTIFAST in New Jersey For many, exercise is something they have not done regularly for quite a while. It becomes important to know what exercises are safe to start off with and what exercise should slowly be worked into a weight loss programs routine. There may also be health conditions that require medical consultation prior to exercising to healthy lose weight.

People may want to consult with a doctor when they suffer from conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, lung, liver or kidney disease. All of these conditions take a toll on the body and adding the additional stress of exercise to lose weight may cause more harm than good. A quick medical evaluation can determine the level of exercise that is safe for weight loss. Many doctors will recommend an exercise plan that slowly builds and adds additional activities over time.

Many of us do not visit the doctor regularly enough and it is just as important to know the symptoms and warning signs of health issues that may be worsened by vigorous exercise. Some things to look out for would be dizziness, swelling in the lower extremities such as the ankles and pain in the chest, arms or jaw while physically active. Additionally, shortness of breath while lying down or resting can be an indication that you should visit the doctor before taking on an exercise plan.

Many people should check with a physician prior to taking on an exercise plan, even if they believe they are healthy. The American College Of Sports Medicine has determined that women 55 or older and men 45 or older should check with a doctor before taking on vigorous exercise. Anyone who smokes or has recently quit smoking, or those suffering from high cholesterol or high blood pressure should also consult a physician prior to exercise. Others who may benefit from a physician’s counseling would be people who are overweight or people with a family history of heart disease prior to the age of 55.

Overall, the most important factor is knowledge. If you are unsure of the actual condition of your health, check with a doctor first for your own safety.