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Wallets and Weight Loss in New Jersey

Wallets and Weight Loss in New JerseyThere is a rumor out there that eating healthy is too expensive for most people, and this has led many people astray from their goals of pursuing weight loss New Jersey. The rumor is steeped in the idea that fast food is cheaper than healthy home-made meals loaded with nutritious ingredients like veggies, lean proteins and low-fat starches. This belief has led many families to give up thinking about eating healthy, concentrating instead on following a budget that meets their financial constraints.

The reality is that this just isn’t true. If you are smart about your diet plan, create a budget and plan ahead, you can eat a highly nutritious diet for less than it would cost to eat food from the drive thru menu night after night.

Optifast Weight Loss on a Budget

The bottom line is that buying food at the grocery store and preparing them yourself is cheaper than buying food out. It doesn’t matter whether the food you order out is served to you on a plate, a tray or in a bag, the homemade option is cheaper.

When you start cooking at home you will build a collection of ingredients that you can use over and over again. This will save you money in the long run, helping you make healthy meals night after night at minimal expense.

Here are a few tips to help you eat healthy on a budget:

  • Buy meats in bulk. Meats freeze easily, which makes them perfect to buy in bulk. Purchase large quantities of lean protein and cut them into proper portion sizes before freezing in plastic wrap. When you want to have meat for dinner, remove the proper number of portions and defrost.
  • Add flavor with spices. Spices only cost a few dollars each and last six months if not longer, making it possible for you to stretch a $3 purchase over the course of 100+ meals. Using a variety of spices can keep your palate fresh with new flavors.
  • Buy whole foods. Purchase fresh produce, meats and grains in their whole forms. Once you start purchasing pre-diced, pre-sliced and otherwise pre-packaged goods your grocery tab will start to rise.
  • Buy in season. Rotate your nightly veggies and daily fruit intake to coincide with what is in season. Fruits and veggies are much cheaper when in season, and they will taste their best at this point, too.

If you follow the above grocery shopping tips and put a little bit of planning into your meal times, your entire family can eat a healthy diet without busting your budget.