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Low Calorie & Fast Food Menu

Make Workouts for Weight Loss in New Jersey a HabitBetween hectic work schedules and day to day family needs, many of us do not have time to cook a healthy meal every night, and instead are often left to search the menus for a low calorie alternative. Many restaurants are helping out by posting their calorie counts directly on the menu, but if you are pursuing weight loss in New Jersey then it is a good idea to double check those posted numbers. According to a recent study, many of the calorie counts posted on menus are actually false, causing many dieters to consume more calories than they originally intended, and as a result making weight loss more difficult. Having a calorie count off by as little as ten calories can add up fast and can result in lots of extra pounds at the end of the year.

Studies have further found that calorie counts in sit-in restaurants tended to be more off due to the individual preparation of meals versus the standardized size and ingredients of meals at fast food restaurants.

Eating out can continue to be a fun and time saving activity without necessarily spelling out weight gain. As restaurants work on developing more accurate ways to measure calories, the best way to keep healthy and maintain rapid weight loss when enjoying restaurant cuisine is to make sensible meal and snack choices. Make sure to watch portion sizes and be wary of calorie rich toppings like salad dressings which you can ask for on the side. Ultimately, calorie counts can be helpful but they should be considered with caution and should serve as a general guideline rather than an absolute measure for long term weight loss goals.