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Gym Perfect Workout plan

As you make an effort to lose weight with OPTIFAST in New Jersey, find a fitness center that works for you

Is Your Gym the Perfect FitExercise is essential to your rapid weight loss program, but jumping into a consistent workout routine isn’t always easy. You’ll need to ease yourself in slowly to avoid injury and frustration, a process that can be difficult if you haven’t dedicated yourself to daily workouts in the past.

For fitness beginners, one of the most effective ways to adjust to your new active lifestyle is to join a gym. Though you should give the most credence to your weight loss doctor’s exercise instructions, many gyms will also have fitness professionals who can offer advice as you adjust to your new routine. With personal trainers and experienced exercisers all around, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to seek advice and learn the best ways to stay injury-free as you lose weight.

Gyms offer fitness classes, specialized equipment and an invitingly social atmosphere, all of which can be hugely valuable as you exercise during the OPTIFAST program. Still, not every gym will be right for you—different ones offer different amenities, and there are many other factors that will play into your personal preference of gyms.

If you’re ready to find a gym that fits just right, start by asking yourself these questions:

Where is it?

Because this first question will ultimately determine how much good your gym does you, it may be the most important. Though the brand new fitness center that opened on the other side of town may have tons of classes and features you’re interested in, you need to remember that convenience can be a huge determining factor in whether or not you get a good workout every day.

It may not seem too troublesome to drive home from the office, and then head back out to drive 15 minutes to the gym, but this may quickly become a problem when put into practice. If possible, you find a gym close to your home or along your commute so it becomes a convenient stop on the way home each day. The easier your gym is to access, the more likely you’ll be to make use of it.

What value does it offer?

Every gym membership comes with different perks as well as different costs. If you’re hoping to try a new workout like yoga, Zumba or Pilates, you may want to find a gym that offers classes in these activities. Others will be content with a basic fitness center. Many gyms offer trial memberships that give you a look at the equipment and services they have available, and this can help you gauge how well a gym will fit your needs.

Gym memberships aren’t cheap, but some offer more bang for your buck. Try out a few gyms and take note of how the prices differ—usually, more money gets you more amenities, but you may be able to find a more affordable option that offers everything you need. Many gyms will allow you to adjust your membership and payment to fit your needs. Also ask about a family plan so your spouse or kids can join you in your fitness endeavors.

What is its reputation?

Though your opinion of a gym is the most important one, it’s a good idea to get a few outside opinions as well. To get an idea of a gym’s worth, try asking its members what they like most about the gym, or take a look at reviews and ratings on a site like