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3 Habits That Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Weight Loss??

Sabotaging Weight Loss EffortsAre you having a hard time losing weight, and you can’t figure out why it is so hard to get rid of those last few pounds? Sometimes, people make weight loss mistakes without realizing that they are sabotaging their efforts. Here are a few self-sabotaging factors for you to avoid:

#1: Stop Eating Late at Night

A midnight snack might sound tempting, but one of the common ways to sabotage your weight loss efforts is by eating late at night. When you eat late at night, the food is more likely to be converted to fat instead of energy, because your body is resting instead of moving around.

If you are feeling hungry before bed, try drinking a glass of water instead of eating a snack. Also, make sure that you eat enough earlier in the day, so that you aren’t starving when you are trying to go to bed.

#2: Don’t Make Food Choices Based on Social Pressure

Just because you are in a social setting, doesn’t mean that you need to be eating everything that your friends are eating. If you want to achieve rapid and safe weight loss, then it is important that you are making your food choices regardless of the peer pressure that you may experience. It is all right to indulge every once in a while, but make sure that you have a plan to overcome any social pressure that you may experience. It’s ok to enjoy a healthy dinner with your friends, and skip dessert.

#3: Stick With Your Weight Loss Plan

One of the best ways that you can quickly lose weight is by talking with a New Jersey weight loss coach, who can help you to put together an effective weight loss plan, such as Optifast. Once that plan is in place, then you need to make sure to stick to the plan! Sometimes, people start out with good intentions, but quickly slip back into their old habits. A weight loss coach can help you to stay consistent with your weight loss efforts, and they can support you when things start to get tough.

Dr Anjana Chhabra