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Mary Germano 80 Pound Lost

After yo-yo dieting for some years and trying to get my weight back on track after having some health issues, I realized nothing I tried was working. I tried weight watchers, tracking my food, exercise, low carb, etc. When another doctor recommended Dr. Chhabra to me, at first I was hesitant – I didn’t make the initial appointment for nearly 2 years! Finally I realized that I needed a “reset button” – something I haven’t tried before. I had never heard about medical weight loss diets before, and I was hesitant – I thought I would be hungry all the time and wouldn’t be able to stay on the program.

I don’t know what took me so long – every step in this  that led to the problems with my weight in the first place. Optifast has also made a difference in what food I choose to eat when I do eat, and has made a big difference in my overall health. The program is very easy to follow – I really haven’t been hungry at any point during this process.

I am not only much thinner now, but wiser to my eating habits and happier overall. I went from a (snug) size 24/26 to a size 16 in 10 months – I am amazed! I now also exercise 6 days a week, including spinning, which I never thought I could do before. My fitness level has also increased tremendously not only because of the weight loss, but the support and encouragement I’ve received from Dr. Chhabra.

I can’t thank Dr. Chhabra and the staff at the Institute for Weight Management enough for the program and providing me with the tools and support for my weight loss journey – although I’m not quite at my goal yet, I’m excited to keep going with my new lifestyle!

Mary Germano 80 Pound Lost
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Mary Germano 80 Pound Lost
Optifast program has been amazing! The Optifast program has not only helped me lose weight (over 80 lbs!) but has allowed me to tackle some of the bigger emotional
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