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Lillian: 60 Pound Lost

Lillian Weight Loss Success

After trying many, many diets and even weight loss surgery all to no success, I finally decided to try a medically supervised diet. Dr. Chhabra and the Optifast Program have been life-changing for me. I feel healthier than I have in years. I have more energy, feel confident and motivated due to the quick results. The atmosphere of the office is so pleasant and the ladies always make me feel like a winner. I have already recommended friends and family to her practice.

My weekly appointments with Dr. Chhabra has given me a new outlook on my health especially in respect to exercise. She helps me to incorporate exercise into my life, something I thought would never happen! Every week we discuss my exercise goals and how I’m going to reach them. Even when I don’t reach my goals, I don’t feel like a failure. She helps me come up with solutions or strategies so I won’t get discouraged.

What sold me on her practice was the amount of support that is offered after you finish whatever program you follow. I feel being on the diet is the easy part. Maintaining is the scary part. Dr. Chhabra and her staff really seem to understand that and I’m not so scared to get to the “maintenance phase.”

After three months, I’ve lost almost 60 lb. and I know my journey is not done. For the first time I feel I will reach my weight loss goals with a new healthier body, a lifestyle that includes regular exercise and I will have changed my eating habits. Best of all I’ve found a great source of care and support in Dr. Chhabra and the Institute for Weight Loss Management.

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