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Surviving the Holidays Without Sacrificing Your Weight Loss Goals

Stay Zen as you lose weight in New JerseyAround the holidays you may feel the urge to stay home to resist the temptations of all the food at the holiday parties, which can make it tough to maintain your weight. The holiday season lasts approximately two months, and by the end it gets harder and harder to stick to a plan. However, by preparing a well thought out plan, a holiday feast does not have to be feared. Setting weekly goals and monitoring your eating and exercising habits will help keep you on track throughout the holiday season.

The important thing is to identify situations that may cause you to overeat. Being prepared for these situations will also help you not jeopardize your weight already lost. Some tips are outlined below:

  • Avoid alcohol
  • Eat before arriving at the party
  • Have fruits and vegetables available

Setting realistic goals will help keep you motivated. If sticking to a diet is difficult during the holiday season, don’t abandon your plan. Remember and follow the little steps, keep track of everything by writing it down to make sure it’s accurate. Also incorporating the buddy system could be the best way to help prevent weight gain. Being able to talk to someone about weight loss and food concerns will help you make healthy choices. Being committed to your weight loss goals will help you be more aware of your habits during the holiday season.