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One Dog of a Weight Loss Workout

Medical Weight Loss Gone to the Dogs! Pets do wonders for our health. Caring for any pet can reduce allergy problems for children, decrease anxiety, increase socialization and even improve heart health, but dogs top the list of furry companions when it comes to health enhancers. In fact, your dog can even help with your Weight Loss Program New Jersey dog owners are more likely to be up and about doing tasks and spending time with their canine companions than are those who go home to a quiet house.

One of the only drawbacks to having a dog is the pleading feeling inside if you to go home and spend time with your furry friend instead of doing the things you know you have to, like going to work, running errands and yes, working out.

The Ultimate Gym Buddy

Dogs are more than man or woman’s best friend; they are the ultimate weight loss workout partner as well! Once you get home from work and take a seat on the couch with a pup whose tail is wagging excitedly for a fun night of staying in, it can be heartbreaking to say goodbye for another hour to get your workout in. While skipping the gym for quality canine time isn’t a good idea every night of the week, you can mix up your workout by incorporating a few Fido-friendly moves into your exercise routine.

Grab the treat bowl or a favorite toy and give these dog friendly workout moves a try:

  • Lunges: This classic gym move is great for your buttocks and thighs. Stand up straight and hold a treat or toy in your arm directly in front of you. Once you have your pup’s attention, step your left leg forward and bend your right knee underneath you. Lower your hand with the toy or treat so that your pup can get it out of your hand. Then stand up straight and repeat with the other leg. Do at least five repetitions with each leg.
  • Pop Ups: This is a fun game to play with your dog. Crouch down on the ground right in front of your dog and balance on your toes for five seconds. You can either keep a toy in your hand or simply pet your dog while you are crouched. Then jump up and out, stretching your arms over your head in a V shape and your legs out at your sides like you are doing a jumping jack. Your dog will get excited by the sudden movement, and you can draw him or her back in as you crouch back into a ball. Repeat this ten times.

Working out with your dog is a great bonding experience, and on top of giving you a great workout it can reduce stress and give you that happy feeling only your dog can provide you. Even better, this is a great way to get your dog a bit of exercise too, so he or she will quiet down when you are tired and the two of you can settle in for a nice calm evening.