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Lose Weight in the Fresh Air

Lose Weight in the Fresh AirIt is just about that time of year again. As usual, March came in like a lion, but as the weather starts to warm up it will go out like a lamb and the signs of spring will be everywhere. This is the best time of year to rededicate yourself to your optifast weight loss goals in New Jersey. As the birds start to chirp and the trees come back to life, it’s time to think of all the ways you can improve your fitness by getting outside and becoming more active.

There are all sorts of reasons to step outside during your workouts. Getting some fresh air and sunshine is great for your physical and mental health.

Here are just a few of the benefits associated with outdoor workouts:

  • They’re free! When spring and summer roll around you can say goodbye to your expensive gym membership and start taking advantage of your backyard, the sidewalk and local parks.
  • They provide vitamin D. Spending time in the sunshine gives your body the chance to absorb vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Vitamin D can boost your immune system health and give you more energy so you can keep working out.
  • They help you socialize. You don’t need to leave your headphones in when getting fit outside. Call up some friends and spend time in the sunshine together by hiking on a local trail or setting up a day at the park for a tennis match or game of basketball.
  • They give you a breath of fresh air. No one likes the smell of the gym. As hard as gyms try to cover it up, they are always going to be stuffy and lingering with the scent of body odor. When you are outside this isn’t an issue. Take a deep breath and enjoy the scent of spring as you work out.

Exercising outside can be just the motivation you need to push yourself farther. Give it your all and get outside as the weather warms up. Just remember to stay hydrated, and if you are going to be out in the sunshine don’t forget to wear sunscreen.