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Lose Weight by Cutting Out Mid-Morning Snack

pizza-329523_640As part of a successful program for medical weight loss New Jersey, your weight loss doctor will likely recommend that you both cut the amount of calories that you consume and also exercise more. One way to cut calories from your diet is to reduce the amount of snacks that you are eating. According to a recent study, women that consumed a mid-morning snack in between breakfast and lunch were less successful at meeting their weight loss goals. This could be useful information for those who are trying to shed pounds in New Jersey.

Researchers found that dieters who at a healthy breakfast and then did not eat again until lunch lost an average of 11% of their body weight over the course of 12 months. Women in the study who did consume a mid-morning snack only lost an average of 7% of their bodyweight.

The results of this study may be quite shocking. Many researchers have found that eating small portions throughout the day can enhance weight loss efforts. This study does not contradict that however. Rather than dismissing all snacks, researchers wanted to point out the small time interval between breakfast and lunch, often only a lapse of three hours. By eating a sustainable breakfast, it is not difficult to withhold from food for the three hour time period.

In fact, researchers in this study believed that smart snacking can actually be beneficial to a diet plan, as it can help prevent dieters from becoming too hungry. When you are trying to lose weight, remember to think about the snacks that you are consuming, both in regards to their health value and also the timing of the snack. If you are not hungry, then it may be best to just wait until lunch!