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Leveraging Accountability for Weight Loss

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Do you set weight loss goals, but find that it is hard to stay consistent with those goals? Many people start a new diet with the best of intentions, but then they find it difficult to maintain the habits they are trying to create.
Instead of trying to lose the weight on your own, you should consider the benefits of leveraging accountability to help you reach the weight loss success that you desire. Accountability is a great way to hold you responsible to your commitments, and there are several types of accountability that you might consider.

Weight Loss Accountability
If you need the extra support with your weight loss goals, then you might consider accountability in a way that best fits your personality. Here are a few options to consider:

Step on the Scale Daily: Measuring your progress is one of the most important ways to stay on track with your goals. Keep a record of your recorded weight each day, and you will be able to see the trends and identify the progress that you are making. Failing to track your weight loss progress will cause you to lose the motivation that got you started.

Find a Weight Loss Buddy: Do you have a friend or family member who is trying to lose weight as well? Ask them to be your accountability partner. Set measurable goals, such as the types of foods that you will be eating and the exercise that you plan to do. Then, report back on a regular basis to keep your buddy updated about the progress of your goals.

Keep a Food Diary: Another way to measure your accountability with your weight loss goals is by writing down the food choices that you make each day. When you have to write down each bite, you will be more aware of the food choices that you are making.

Use Social Media: There are various platforms online that make it easy for you to track your goals and have other people involved in the accountability. Find an app that you can share with a friend or family member, or keep it simple and post your goals on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to share progress pics so that everyone can see the results that you are achieving.

Accountability can be a great way to reach your weight loss goals, especially when the accountability comes from a medical professional. Contact us today to learn more about a medical weight loss program that will help you get rid of those extra pounds.