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How to Make Exercise Fun

Get More Flexible With Your Workout RoutineYou know that exercise can help you achieve weight loss. You may even know that it can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, improve your energy levels, and reduce your risk for depression. But if you find the idea of a workout routine boring, it’s still difficult to get motivated to exercise regularly. If you dread going to the gym but understand the importance of physical activity, check out these tips for making exercise fun.

How to Make Exercise Fun

Choose activities you enjoy. It sounds simple enough, but you may forget that treadmills and elliptical machines aren’t the only way to get a workout. Think about activities you enjoy that cause you to break a sweat. Do you enjoy basketball or swimming? Have you tried dance aerobics or kickboxing? You’re more likely to stick with a regular routine—and actually see results—if you find an activity you actually enjoy.

Vary your routine. The best way to beat the boredom of repetition is to stop the repetition. If you’ve been riding your bike every day for a week, try hiking instead. Maybe switching up your routine on your favorite cardio machine will help you stay interested in challenging yourself. Up the incline on the treadmill one day and increase your speed the next.

Work out with friends. While some people enjoy the relaxation that working out alone can provide, you may have more fun if you enlist your friends or family. Go for a family walk after dinner or take a class with a friend. Join a sports league or exercise class and make new friends as you go!