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Hayley: 48 Pounds Lost *

Hayley Weight Loss Success

My name is Hayley and I am 20 years old. I am a junior in college and live on campus in an apartment. I have been struggling with my weight since adolescence. Since graduating high school, my weight soared from eating unhealthy food and cafeteria food at every meal. Last year in May 2012, I was disgusted with my appearance and was determined to lose weight. I researched several weight loss programs and found Dr. Chhabra at the Institute for Weight Management, located in Hackensack, New Jersey.

At orientation Dr. Chhabra thoroughly explained how the OPTIFAST program works and I decided to try it. I had an office visit every other week and I elected to drink two shakes per day with a well-balanced dinner. I will have to admit the weight did not come off immediately. I realize weight can creep up so quickly, yet to get it off seems to be so much more challenging. During the summer months, I also began an exercise program of running three miles a day.

Summer ends and back to college I go constantly worrying how I am going to manage eating healthy. College life’s routine is so different and not structured like high school. My first class begins at 10:00am. I have a shake and off to class I go. Lunchtime rolls around and about 1:00pm I have another shake. Dinner time is generally 6:00pm. Generally, I cook dinner in my apartment but sometimes I go to the cafeteria with my friends. Selection in food choice is always healthy. Another obstacle I faced is I how am I going to visit Dr. Chhabra. I am two hours away at college and need to make a commitment to myself to get to her office. I wanted to continue OPTIFAST so we agreed upon a visit once a month.

My last visit in February 2013 I weighed in. I have had a total weight loss of 48 lbs. in ten months. OPTIFAST is working for me. I would recommend every person who is struggling with being overweight to give it a try. I wish to lose more weight. When I return home this May, my intent is to introduce another meal into my diet and to drink only one shake a day and eat two well-balanced meals.

Exercise is becoming another important aspect in my life. I love to run outdoors, weather permitting. I try to get to the gym on campus at least five times a week. I have been introduced to Zumba and hot yoga classes. I am so much more active now that I have lost weight.

I am very proud of my accomplishment thus far, and realize that hard work does pay off. Changing the way to eat is learned behavior and I want my body, mind and spirit to be healthy.

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