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Harvey: 100+ Pounds Lost

Harvey Weight Loss Success

When I came to Doctor Chhabra’s office in September of 2005, I had several medical and lifestyle issues. I had hypertension and sleep apnea for many years. The combination of my weight and my arthritic knees made it difficult to walk without getting out of breath and stairs were even more difficult and painstakingly slow. I was always tired and uncomfortable.

After six months I have lost more than 100 pounds (and still counting). My blood pressure is virtually normal and I will soon be off medication. The sleep apnea is gone. The weight loss has essentially eliminated the effects of the arthritis on walking, running and managing stairs, while the other effects (not exacerbated by excess weight) still continue.

I feel great. I now go to the gym regularly. I’m very energetic and preparing for transition and the return to eating with great optimism and a feeling of self-confidence and accomplishment.

A significant part of the program’s success is Doctor Chhabra’s willingness to allow some flexibility in the program to accommodate individual patient preferences.


Frances: 56 Pounds Lost

Frances Weight Loss Success

Over the years I have lost a lot of pounds, but eventually gained them all back. When I started the Optifast program I realized that while I had been changing my body, I had not been changing the most important thing for weight control – my mind.

By attending the Institute for Weight Control I have learned very important things about nutrition and behavior. I am still working on my eating style, but it is OK, because I’m looking for long lasting results.

Thank you, Dr. Chhabra, Susan, Sheila, Esther and Sharda for your support.



Julie: 35 Pounds Lost

Julie Weight Loss Success

Dr. Chhabra,

I really wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement. Being a heavy person for your entire life can not only be harmful for you health, but it can be horrible for living in today’s society. People are mean and you are CONSTANTLY judged by appearance. I can’t tell you the number of times people have said to me, “you have such a pretty face….it is such a shame”.

Sometimes I think about people who are scared for life or who have permanent disabilities and I feel guilty that I am not working harder at improving myself when I actually can.

Because of my weight loss, I have become even more outgoing and more confident. I have become a role model for those trying to lose weight and even those trying to get through a step class at the gym.

Old friends and people I see every week always tell me how wonderful I look and I am finally starting to enjoy it! At first I was hurt thinking, “wow – I wonder what they thought of me before”. But now I realize how hard I have worked and how much I have accomplished.

This is the first time that I have actually committed to my New Year’s resolution from last year. I read an old journal entry (I write about once in 10 months) that described how horrible I felt being so heavy and not being able to lose weight. I am thrilled with the progress I have made and am confident that I will continue to take care of myself and even lose more weight.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being there and guiding me on the right path.




Kay Ann: 50 Pounds Lost

Kay Ann Weight Loss Success

When I started my weight loss journey in October, little did I know what a life changing experience it would turn out to be!

Thanks to Dr. Chhabra and her staff, my journey has been full of good experiences and positive feedback. After trying every weight loss program out there, I have finally found what works for me. I have also come to realize that weight loss involves not only what goes into your mouth, but also what goes into your head! That is why I feel it is so important to attend the weekly nutrition counseling sessions with Liza.

I have found a new, positive way to ‘eat to live’, instead of ‘living to eat’. I have a whole new outlook on food, and its importance in my life. No other program has ever helped me achieve this.

I want to thank Dr. Chhabra, Liza, and Esther for helping to make my weight loss journey a postive life changing experience!


Patricia: 34 Pounds Lost

Pat Weight Loss Success

Thank You, Dr. Chhabra.

When I first came to you I was obese, out of shape and feeling poorly. After 13 weeks I’m down 34 lbs and am exercising every single day and feeling great. I recommend your program to anyone who is sick of fad diets and tired of being fat.

I‘ve finally learned how to eat healthy for life.



John: 60 Pounds Lost

John Weight Loss Success

I ‘ve been on the Full Fast Diet Plan for 12 weeks, and have lost a total of 60 lbs. Also my body fat went from 41% to 22.5 %. My energy has increased during this diet and my personal feelings about myself have increased greatly.

I went from 294 lbs to 235 lbs in these 12 weeks and it has been great. I have used this diet so that I can join the United States Marine Corps.