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3 Ways to Follow a Healthy Diet on a Holiday or at a Party


Have you found that it is easier to stick with your rapid weight loss goals when you are at home, but you often make dietary mistakes when attending holiday parties? Whether it is a New Year’s party, birthday celebration, or a gathering of friends to watch the super bowl, it is important that you are proactive to maintain your health goals in these social situations.
Here are three tips to help you stay on track with your weight loss diet:

1.Eat Before the Party: It will be harder for you to avoid the dessert table if you show up at the party with an empty stomach! Make it a point to eat a healthy meal before you leave the house, and you will be less tempted by the unhealthy options that are served at the party. Even if you don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal, you should at least grab a snack to eat on the way, such as an apple or a protein bar.

2. Prepare in Advance: When the party or gathering is held at a restaurant, you can do your research in advance. Take a few minutes to find the menu online, and look for options that will fit within your dietary guidelines. This preparation will help you to enjoy the party without stressing over the menu when you are trying to talk with your coworkers or friends who are sitting nearby.

3. Manage Portions: If you want to enjoy the unhealthy foods that are served at the party, make sure that you limit the amount of food that you are eating. It is fine to take a few bites to taste the offerings, but there is no reason to load up your plate with a bunch of food that will make you gain weight. Choose a smaller plate size, and take a few bites of each thing that you want to try.

Even though it takes a little more self-control to manage your food intake when you are at a party or event, it is good practice to help you maintain your weight loss goals. If you are interested in information about supervised weight loss to help you reach your goals, contact us today!