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Wild Walks: Different Types of Walking for Exercise *


During medical weight loss, walking is a great way to stay in shape and continue to work towards your weight loss goals. But following the same walking routine day after day can be boring. Sure, you can try different routes, but then what? Try mixing it up! There are different types of walking and various activities you can include to help keep your exercise routine fresh and fun.


Bill: 40 Pounds Lost *

Bill D Weight Loss Success

I have been seeing Dr. Chhabra at the Institute for Weight Management for over nine months. I lost approximately 40 lbs. and have been able to maintain my current weight for the last two months. Dr. Chhabra and her staff provided me with the incentive and structure I needed to accomplish my goal for losing weight. Dr. Chhabra is extremely knowledgeable, caring and provided me with the motivation I needed to be successful in losing weight.


Eat Clean & Lose Weight *

Eat Clean, Lose Weight

During your OPTIFAST weight loss program you won’t have to think too much about the food choices you make. Your meals are pre-planned for you by a team of nutrition experts who have compiled a nutritionally sound meal into a low calorie meal substitute. Following your OPTIFAST program, you can still take advantage of these meal substitutes, but you’ll also want to start incorporating more traditional foods into your diet.


Get More Flexible With Your Workout Routine *

Get More Flexible With Your Workout Routine

Exercise can be a great way to improve your appearance, enhance self-esteem, and ensure your future health. While exercise can be beneficial, it is important to combine physical exercise with a healthy diet. One way to incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle is through a meal replacement program that features OPTIFAST.


Get Ready to Lose Weight!! *

Timing out Weight Loss

Losing weight often tops our list of New Year’s resolutions. Whether we’re trying to drop five dress sizes or just shed a couple extra pounds, the goal to get rid of the chub is definitely a worth-while aspiration. Luckily, the OPTIFAST weight loss program can help you achieve your goals and work towards becoming a healthier and fitter you.


Tony: 68 Pounds Lost *

Tony: 68 Pounds Lost

In early 2013 I came to the realization that I had ignored my health for way too long. At 56 years old I was living a sedentary life and at five-foot- eight-inches tall, and weighing 233 pounds, I was obviously obese… the mirror told me that every day. But it was a blood test that quantified how serious the situation was.


Jonathan: 81 Pounds Lost *

Jonathan Weight Loss Success

Where do I begin? I’ve always been a big guy, from middle school straight through college, and into these past several years after graduation. In high school it was ‘ok’ to be big and overweight because I played football, and as a lineman it was just something I considered normal. Once I graduated high school, however, I didn’t keep up with my eating habits and exercise balance and over my college years I managed to gain about 70 pounds. I topped out at one point around 310 pounds. This was something that I just couldn’t accept, nor could I maintain it with my career aspirations of being a police officer. January 25th of this year I decided to change my life for the better, and this time I really meant it.

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