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Stay Positive for Medical Weight Loss by Letting the Anger Go

Think about the last time you stubbed your toe. If you are like most people, then your reaction was to let out a sharp yell, possibly with a few choice words that you try not to shout too loudly in certain company. It is hard to say why we feel the need to exclaim when we stub our toe. It isn’t as if yelling actually relieves some of the pain and frustration we feel in negative situations—or does it?


One Dog of a Weight Loss Workout

Medical Weight Loss Gone to the Dogs!

Pets do wonders for our health. Caring for any pet can reduce allergy problems for children, decrease anxiety, increase socialization and even improve heart health, but dogs top the list of furry companions when it comes to health enhancers. In fact, your dog can even help with your weight loss program. New Jersey dog owners are more likely to be up and about doing tasks and spending time with their canine companions than are those who go home to a quiet house.


Gov. Christie Talks Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program for New Jersey’s Governor

Coming to terms with your weight is a struggle for all of us, but at least most of us have the benefit of not having our weight loss struggle broadcasted on the evening news. This can’t be said for our Governor Chris Christie. All politics aside, Christie’s very public battle with weight loss makes him a relatable figure for many people, especially those participating in a weight loss program. The New Jersey Governor has had the unfortunate experience of being the butt of many political satirists’ jokes—Jimmy Kimmel even poked fun at Christie’s weight this past April at the White House Correspondent’s dinner as cameras zoomed in on Christie’s face to capture his reaction.


Exercise Turbo Boost

Medical Weight Loss with a Turbo Boost

It might sound like something out of a comic book, but researchers at Harvard Medical School think they might have found a way to boost exercise through medication, which might make for an interesting addition to programs for medical weight loss in New Jersey in the future.


This Summer, Take your Workout to the Water

For weight loss workout in the water

The summer months are approaching quickly and they’re bringing the heat along with them. As you exercise for weight loss in New Jersey, don’t let the weather hold your workout hostage indoors—enjoy some summer swimming to stay fit and cool.
A lot of people think of swimming as a way to pass time on a hot summer day, not a form of exercise. While floating around in the pool with a beverage in hand isn’t going to be much of a cardio workout, you can still have fun in the water while burning calories. Lose the float and grab your goggles to make the most of your time in the pool this summer!


Chaos in Aisle Three

For weight loss, read nutrition labels

Despite our best efforts lose weight by shopping healthy at the grocery store, it can be easy to get tricked into buying foods that aren’t as good for you as they might seem. This is especially true when food manufacturers add misleading labels that may not be telling you the whole story, causing you to believe that a product is healthier than it actually is. This kind of marketing is dishonest, plain and simple, and can wreak havoc on our best dietary intentions.


Flexing Your Mind

4 Steps to Boost Your Metabolism

Binge eating due to stress can always derail your diet plan, while lack of confidence or a negative outlook may prevent you from following through with a weight loss plan or keep you from beginning one at all. To help keep up with your weight loss in New Jersey, here are some tips on avoiding the mental anguish and self-deprecation that can help keep you on track with your weight loss goals.


Beware of Imposter Health Foods

For weight loss, read nutrition labels

With constant buzzing of what’s new and popular in terms of health foods today, making health- conscious, wise decisions at the grocery store is an important aspect to your weight loss. New Jersey weight loss patients need to make sure they know the facts about possible health food scams before giving them the green-light at the grocery store. Remember, manufacturers are trying to make a profit, and you are their number one target!


Vitamin D Linked with Weight Loss Success


According to the results of a recent study, sufficient levels of vitamin D may be linked to successful weight loss in New Jersey. Researchers discovered this link after conducting a study involving 38 men and women for an 11 week period. Those who had a higher level of vitamin D at the onset of the diet program were more successful with their weight loss efforts overall.


Lose Weight by Cutting Out Mid-Morning Snack


As part of a successful program for medical weight loss New Jersey, your weight loss doctor will likely recommend that you both cut the amount of calories that you consume and also exercise more. One way to cut calories from your diet is to reduce the amount of snacks that you are eating. According to […]