Optifast Weight Loss

Using Optifast to Build your Confidence

Using OPTIFAST to Build your Confidence

There is an old saying that confidence is something people are born with. This just isn’t true. Self-confidence is something that has to be nurtured and cared for. It stems out of underlying appreciation for yourself, and the acknowledgement that you deserve positive things to happen in your life.


Charity Calls: Get Active for a Cause

Charity Calls Get Active for a Cause

What motivates you to exercise? Increasing your physical activity level offers a collection of health benefits. It improves heart health, enhances blood circulation and can even offer some improvements to mental health, helping to prevent depression and manage stress. Being active is part of a healthy strategy for long-term weight management, and is encouraged after any medical weight loss program.


The Two-Minute Workout with Optifast

The Two-Minute Workout with OPTIFAST

Increasing your activity level during your OPTIFAST program can help you with your weight loss efforts. Maintaining an active lifestyle as you reach the end of your OPTIFAST weight loss program and transition back to a traditional diet may help you maintain a healthier weight level.


Pumpkin Season with Optifast Weight Loss

Pumpkin Season with OPTIFAST

Every season brings different splendors. Spring is a period of growth and renewal, and summer the time of vacations and long, lazy days. Fall used to be considered the season of colorful leaves and cooler days, but in recent years, fall frenzy has turned into pumpkin frenzy. From lattes to soups and everything in between, pumpkin has made its way into our hearts and our diets.


Overcoming Learned Eating Habits with Optifast

Overcoming Learned Eating Habits with OPTIFAST

Family dynamics will have a large influence on your eating habits throughout the course of your life. The problem is that not everyone comes from a particularly healthy family. Moms and Dads have their own struggles with eating behaviors that they too often pass down to their kids—something you may be familiar with if you are a parent now, yourself.


Optifast Weight Loss – The First Few Weeks

OPTIFAST The First Few Weeks

There is a lot to look forward to during the early days of the OPTIFAST program. There is the opportunity to develop positive habits that can help you keep your weight off long term, and following the meal replacement diet will encourage weight loss at a faster rate than you are likely to accomplish on your own.


OPTIFAST and Eating Cues

OPTIFAST and Eating Cues

An eating cue is a social, personal or environmental trigger that prompts an individual to eat. These cues are separate from physical hunger, though they may coincide with it and are often confused as the body’s indication that it needs sustenance. For the majority of people, eating cues prompt inappropriate eating behavior. There are several ways that eating cues may encourage a person to overeat:


Eating with Others during your Optifast Program

Eating with Others during your OPTIFAST Program

Joining together for food and drink is one of the most fundamental aspects of human interaction. We crave socialization and friendship almost as we crave foods. We meet with friends and family members to find support and encouragement, to laugh and to cry, and to feel connected with another person for at least a short amount of time.


Walking with Optifast

Walking with OPTIFAST in New Jersey

The OPTIFAST weight loss plan takes a lot of the complication out of following a healthy diet. By replacing your existing diet with the OPTIFAST products you’ll be able to cut calories, eat smaller portions and still get all of the nutrients you need to stay healthy. This makes up about half of the weight loss equation. There is still the behavioral element to consider, which includes your attitude, willingness to stick to your diet plan and yes, your exercise habits.