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Complete Weight Loss Steps with Optifast

Tracking Weight Loss with OPTIFASTWhatever you wish to accomplish in life, there are three fundamental steps you’ll have to take to get there.

  1. Set your goals
  2. Make a plan
  3. Monitor your progress as you set those plans in motion

At the onset of your Optifast weight loss program you and your weight loss doctor will make a realistic goal that you can work towards.

How to Monitor Weight Loss

The nice thing about the OPTIFAST program is that it encourages weight loss at a faster rate than you may lose weight on your own or through a non-medical diet plan.

Most Optifast plans last about 18 weeks, including an active phase of rapid weight loss followed by at least six weeks of transition, and then maintenance. While the 18 weeks may fly by fast, this is a long time to move forward without stopping and evaluating your progress along the way.

Scheduling regular appointments with your doctor can ensure that you are moving in the right direction, and will give your weight loss specialist a chance to make any changes to your weight loss program to keep your health optimal. But even at home there are ways you can track your progress and monitor how well you are doing.


Keeping a journal is shown to be one of the most effective habits one can develop when trying to lose weight. Writing down details like the foods you eat, your exercise habits and other details about your day can increase your personal accountability and help you stay on track towards reaching your weight loss goals.

Here are several tips to help you get started keeping a weight loss journal:

  • Get a small notebook that you can keep near you at all times.
  • Consider using a smartphone application like “Lose It” to log your food and exercise.
  • Log details about how you feel as well as what you eat.
  • Make entries in your weight loss journal as often as you feel comfortable.

On the Scale

The bathroom scale is one of the most widely used tools for measuring weight loss. While weighing yourself can give you a clear understanding of how you are progressing towards your weight loss goal, this shouldn’t be the only method of monitoring that you turn to.

The scale can be deceiving, and stepping on it too much can grow frustrating and discouraging. Consider these tips when weighing yourself:

  • Only weigh yourself once a week
  • Keep a log of your weight level so you can track your progress overtime
  • Weigh yourself at the same time of the day, like first thing in the morning
  • Wear light clothing when weighing yourself

It is up to you to be accountable to yourself and follow your plan. The best way to know if you are working in the right direction is to monitor your success along the way.


Tips for Planning Healthy Meals During Your Optifast Program

Eating with Others during your OPTIFAST ProgramJoining together for food and drink is one of the most fundamental aspects of human interaction. We crave socialization and friendship almost as we crave foods. We meet with friends and family members to find support and encouragement, to laugh and to cry, and to feel connected with another person for at least a short amount of time. During your Optifast Program, the support and encouragement of your friends and family members can be a great asset as you lose weight. But meeting for food and drinks becomes a challenge when you’ve committed to a full-meal replacement diet.

The average length of our Optifast program is 18 weeks, with potential to go longer. The thought that you can go four months without sitting down to eat with any friends or family members might be a bit far-fetched. As time goes on you’ll be faced with family meals at home, with special occasions and with invitations to see friends.

Eating at Home

During your weight loss program, your home can either become a haven of encouragement or mine-field of temptations. It all depends on what you put in it.

Talk with your family members about your weight loss goals and explain to them how your OPTIFAST plan will work. Then, come up with a plan together that can keep everyone happy and satisfied as you focus on improving your health.

Here are a few tips for a healthier home during your Optifast program:

  • Be aware of your greatest weaknesses and keep your home clear of snacks that will be difficult to avoid.
  • Ask family members not to leave food sitting out in the kitchen. Think: Out of sight, out of mind.
  • After dinner, pack leftovers into serving-size Tupperware for other members of your family to eat.
  • When you sit down with your family, have an OPITFAST meal prepared for yourself.

Eating Out

A 2011 survey found that the average American dines out between four and five times a week. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, this adds up to just over 20 percent of our weekly meals.

Of course, not all of these meals out are social events. Time crunches and busy schedules cause many people to start perusing menus to have an easy meal. During the OPTIFAST program, this type of dining out can be easily avoided as the meal replacements are quick and easy to prepare. Dining out with friends or family may be more difficult to avoid.

Consider ways that you can avoid temptations at restaurants and stick to your OPTIFAST plan:

  • Call a restaurant ahead of time and find out their policy on meal replacements. Many restaurants will permit someone who is part of a larger party to bring their own meal replacement into their establishment.
  • If you do not feel comfortable eating your Optifast product in front of company, then eat beforehand. When you arrive at the restaurant, order a glass of water and decline tastes of other people’s food.
  • Don’t even open the menu. The longer you think about other foods, the more likely you are to break from your Optifast plan.
  • If possible, try changing dinner plans to after dinner plans. Meet at a café where you can have a cup of tea or a black cup of coffee.

Don’t sit down at a table without a plan in place concerning what you are going to eat, when, and how much of it. Whether you are eating at home or dining out with friends, try being open about your rapid weight loss goals. You may find that dining together is a great way to get support from your loved ones as you stick to your weight loss plan.


Optifast Intensive Phase Weight Loss

Overcoming Learned Eating Habits with OPTIFASTFamily dynamics will have a large influence on your eating habits throughout the course of your life. The problem is that not everyone comes from a particularly healthy family. Moms and Dads have their own struggles with eating behaviors that they too often pass down to their kids—something you may be familiar with if you are a parent now, yourself.

Many people struggle with learned behaviors from childhood that make it difficult to lose weight. These might include:

  • Snacking habits
  • Food preferences
  • Portion sizes
  • Meal times
  • Produce variety
  • Cooking habits and interests

The Optifast New Jersey program presents you with an opportunity to re-evaluate your existing eating behaviors and develop healthier dietary habits that will help you maintain your weight loss long-term. This can help you to develop a healthier relationship with food, and give you the tools to become a positive example within your own family.

Correcting Poor Eating Habits

As the saying goes, “old habits die hard.” This is especially true when it comes to eating habits, as hunger can make it challenging to think clearly and make healthy choices.

Correcting negative eating habits is a two-step process. First, you have to identify what habits should be changed. Examples of negative eating behaviors include:

  • Tendency to clear your plate, despite oversized portions
  • Habit of eating when you are not physically hungry, as a result of stress, social pressure or other reasons
  • Consumption of high-calorie beverages
  • Poor snacking habits
  • Tendency to skip meals

Once identified, replace those poor habits with healthier behaviors. Simply stopping a habit is difficult. Replacing a negative behavior with something positive can make the adjustment easier. This may include:

  • Purchasing Tupperware to make storing leftovers easier
  • Filling your home and office with healthy snacks that will encourage you to make healthier choices
  • Choosing to drink water instead of caloric beverages
  • Having small, ready-to-go meals like the OPTIFAST products nearby, so you aren’t pressured to skip a meal

The Optifast weight loss program provides you with a chance to step away from your existing eating habits and conduct a dietary overhaul as you lose weight. While following the meal replacement diet, think about the ways your current dietary style is influencing your health, as well as that of your family. Use the tools you gain during your OPTIFAST program to make lasting changes to your lifestyle.


Sheila: 46 Pounds Lost

Sheila Weight Loss Success

Before I started the Optifast Program I was very much overweight. I could not walk up a flight of stairs or 2 feet before gasping for air.

Now I am happy to say because of Dr. Chhabra and OPTIFAST® I can do many more things without loosing my breath or getting all red in the face. I have stopped taking my blood pressure and lung medicine. I feel great and I wish everyone who is even thinking about doing this, stop thinking and do it.

Dr. Chhabra is very encouraging as well as her staff and the classes are a great help that also encourages you along the way. My total weight loss so far is 46 lbs.



Losing Weight with Exercise

Is Your Gym the Perfect FitYou’ve probably heard that the key to losing weight is to burn more calories through physical activity than you consume in the foods you eat. But how much exercise do you need to lose weight? What type of exercising should you do? Find out how to exercise in order to lose weight.

What type of exercise do you need to lose weight?

Your fitness routine should include aerobic exercise and strength training. Aerobic exercise involves moving large major muscle groups, like your arms or legs, until your breathing and heart rate increase. Some common examples of aerobic exercise include walking, running, swimming, and cycling.

Strength training, as the name suggests, involves working your muscles so that they become bigger and stronger. You’ll burn calories during your strength training workouts, but it also helps you medical weight loss build lean muscle mass, which raises your metabolic rate. Strength training can involve lifting weights or using resistance bands to work your muscles. You might also use your own body weight loss programs for strength training with exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, or lunges.

How much exercise do you need?

In order to lose 1 pound of fat, you need to create a 3,500-calorie deficit between what you consume and what you burn. How many calories you burn during exercise will vary depending on your body size and the intensity of your exercise. A medium-sized adult would need to walk about 30 miles to burn 3,500 calories, or just over 4 miles per day to lose one pound per week.

It’s recommended that most adults get 2 1/2 hours of aerobic exercise per week, with each workout lasting at least ten minutes. You should aim to do strength training at least twice per week. Remember that these are recommendations, but you should focus on safely building on your current activity level.


The Benefits of Using a Meal Replacement Shake Such as Optifast

Optifast programLooking for success on a medical weight loss program?.More and more people are realizing the terrific weight loss results they can see on such an approach and many continue to use the shakes even into weight maintenance to prevent weight regain. So why should you consider Optifast?  Here are a few of the main reasons.

Stimuli Narrowing

It’s been well proven that when people are faced with a large amount of choices, they tend to eat more.  You want to sample a little bit of everything, which means more food eaten overall.

Not with Optifast program. Since you only have three choices – chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, this can cut out food cravings and make your weight loss efforts feel that much easier.

You’ll no longer think about food 24/7 and be tempted to eat all those foods lurking around you.


One of the most common excuses for not following a diet plan is simply not having the time.  Optifast New Jersey takes this excuse out of the equation.

All you need to do is drink and go. Nothing has ever been faster or easier. There will be no more time consuming meal preparation or grocery shopping on this diet.  You’ll have everything you need with your Optifast shakes.


Another great thing about Optifast meal replacements is that they contain a balanced mix of nutrients as well. This means you can put your mind at ease knowing you are getting all the right nutrition your body needs.

Optifast has been designed with high-quality protein, which is critical for preserving your lean muscle mass and keeping hunger in check.

You’ll lose weight safely, getting you to that dream body faster than you ever imagined.

So if you feel like you’re finished trying conventional diets that base your menu around hundreds of different foods that take hours to prepare each week, give Optifast a try. It might just be the weight loss solution you’ve been searching for.


The First Steps with OPTIFAST

Medical weight loss programThe first step is always the hardest. This old saying rings very true when it comes to talking about medical weight loss program. Sometimes, the hardest part is just getting started. Before you can achieve anything, you have to make the choice that you deserve better, that you are capable of more and that you are ready to make that change in your life.

The decision to try Optifast weight loss is one of the better things that you’ll do for yourself, and you should be proud of yourself for that decision. Fear, anxiety and hesitations will surmount as you take the first steps to get started, but don’t let those get in your way. Remember, the first step is the hardest.

Once you complete that first step, you’ll know what you are doing and where you are going, and we’ll be by your side to make sure that you keep moving forward towards your goal.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started with OPTIFAST:

  • Team up! You aren’t on this journey alone. Talk to your loved ones about your hopes and plans to lose weight and let them know how they can support you.
  • Reach out! If you don’t feel comfortable talking with loved ones about your weight loss journey. Consider joining a support group to be encouraged by those who are going through similar challenges.
  • Stay positive! Your attitude will have a large influence on your ultimate success. Believe in yourself so that you can stay motivated to reach your goal.
  • Be realistic! You didn’t gain weight overnight, and you won’t be able to lost it all overnight either. Don’t set your expectations so high that you’ll never meet them. Be realistic and work towards a goal that is high, but reachable.

The OPTIFAST products are just a tool that will help you reach your ultimate weight loss goal. Every choice you make will determine their effectiveness. Do your best to make the most out of the opportunities in front of you.

Medical Weight Loss Program

When you join a medical weight loss program — all you need to do is follow the path. Take advantage of the resources around you and don’t hold yourself back. You can achieve your weight loss goal and enjoy living a healthier way of life.


Special Medical Weight Loss Programs with Optifast

Weight loss programsSummer is here, schools are gearing up to let out and for many people that means barbeque season is in full swing. The Optifast Weight Loss Programs are great in the warm weather. You can mix your Optifast shakes with ice in a blender to create a flavorful smoothie that is cool, refreshing and satiating. Or you can take your meal bars on the go as you enjoy the renewed energy levels losing weight often delivers.

But what happens when your friends get together for long evenings of grilling in the backyard, or you are invited to a picnic at the beach? Committing to your Optifast program takes some planning, especially when special occasions are involved.

Here are a few tips for managing your medical weight loss programs on special occasions:

  • Bring your Optifast diet product with you: Summer barbeques are often informal, which makes it easy to stick to your meal plan while socializing. Talk to your friend before arriving to a get-together to let them know you are following a meal plan and won’t be eating food at the event. Chances are your friend will appreciate your company, and may even applaud your commitment to your rapid weight loss programs.
  • Eat beforehand: If you don’t feel comfortable bringing your Optifast weight loss product with you, then eat beforehand. So that you are not hungry and tempted while other guests are eating. Find a place to stand that is away from a snack table or buffet line. Stick to non-caloric beverages like water and unsweetened tea.
  • Avoid alcohol: Alcohol carries a decent bit of calories on its own. As you drink your resolve to stick to your weight loss plan is more likely to waiver. If you do choose to drink alcoholic beverages at an event, alternate non-caloric drinks in between servings.
  • Suggest food-free events: Talk to your friends about getting together for a day at the park. You may go for a trip to the beach without involving food in the process. Set a time to meet in the mid-afternoon when a meal isn’t expected. Also find activities that will keep you active, like tossing a ball or going swimming.

Try not to worry too much about how friends and family members. They may interpret your resolve to stick to your Optifast diet products. Barbeques are notorious for being packed with unhealthy items like chips and cheeseburgers. Do your best to concentrate on conversation and avoid the food. If you have to, make a friendly excuse and pardon yourself from the event.


Weight Loss Advice for Men

yype of ex.. cropThere are large number of peoples who want to shed a few extra pounds and get rid of that spare belly fat, there is a lack of available information geared to assist men accomplish these goals. The fact is that most weight loss information is geared towards women. So here are some good weight loss tips that are geared towards men, especially those men who want to lose belly fat.

Tip 1:

Belly fat can put men at a much higher risk for a number of health complications. So it is important not to let that spare tire get too big before taking action. The good news is that belly fat is the first fat to go when men are losing weight. That means that if you cut your calories and eat a sensible diet, you are already ahead of the game and will start to see results quickly.

Tip 2:

Men can use their naturally higher concentration of muscle and testosterone to lose weight faster than women. However, it does take some effort in the form of cardio exercises. While a combination of cardio and strength training is always good for the body. Cardio is the exercise that will help you burn fat and lose weight. Since we have the advantage of more muscle and testosterone which helps you to burn fat faster. Cardio is extra effective for weight loss.

Tip 3:

Men may have a tendency to eat as much protein as possible. Thinking it helps them to lose weight faster. This is actually unproven. What is known for certain is that 15%-35% of the total caloric intake in protein is sufficient to meet the body’s protein needs. This balance is a good one to help achieve weight loss. A higher amount of protein does not equate to faster weight loss or muscle building. If you want to build muscle, the best way is to work them!


Tips for Planning Healthy Meals for Your Family

weight loss tips

Tips for Planning Healthy Meals for Your Family

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are teaching your kids about healthy eating habits with some weight loss tips. Some parents make the mistake of setting weight loss goals for their own meals. They fail to serve healthy options to their kids. Here are a few weight loss tips that you can improve the nutrition of your family meals to help your kids be healthier:

Sneak Vegetables into Recipes

There are many ways that you can add pureed vegetables into the recipes that you are serving your family. Look for kid’s recipes that include vegetables and other healthy ingredients, and you will be able to boost their nutrition and they won’t know the difference! For example, pureed squash can be added into macaroni and cheese. You can toss in a handful of spinach into the blender when you are making a blueberry smoothie.

Involve Your Kids in the Meal Planning

Kids are more likely to eat food when they are involved in the decision making process. Also ask them to follow some weight loss tips. Give them a choice between different types of fruits and vegetables, and allow them to choose the way the foods are prepared and served. It can also be beneficial to have the child in the kitchen, helping with the food preparation.

Continue Introducing New Foods

Even if your child turns away a certain type of food when they try it for the first time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will never like that food. Try offering the same vegetables in different situations.

Set a Good Example

One of the best thing you can do as a parent is to set the right example for your child. You can’t expect your family to eat healthy meals if you are eating junk food all the time! Make a commitment to lose the excess weight and improve your health habits. You will be showing your kids what it looks like to take care of yourself. Contact us today for more information about weight loss in New Jersey. We will help you reach your weight loss goals.